Netta (Petranella) Peltola is a freelance brand designer based in Luxembourg (Remote).
       Developing distinct visual brand concepts and identities (1) for forward-thinking and conscious brands to like-minded individuals. While venturing into new, creative territories (2) through form-making and sculpture.


Concept & Identity Design
I help clients capture their brand's essence by distilling it into a compelling creative concept that aligns with brand strategy and purpose.
       With an iterative approach, I help transform the concept into visual elements, design guidelines & principles – Everything that is needed to make the brand feel consistent across touchpoints.

Graphic Design
Once the creative groundwork has been established, it's time to bring it to life in the real world. 
       My graphic design services cover a wide range of outputs, spanning from digital pixels to printed materials, ensuring a seamless transition between the digital and physical realms. 

Brand Concept
Visual Identity
Art Direction
Digital Design
Printed Matter


Special Projects
These encompass self-initiated sculptural artworks and temporary installations, often exploring materials with ephemeral qualities like colour, light, textures and patterns. I consider the space and audience participation as an essential part of experiencing the artworks.
        Previous commissions include for the Ministry of Culture Luxembourg (ABPL), V&A Museum, Scottsdale Public Arts, Red Bull, Selfridges & Co., Green Man Festival and Secret Garden Festival

Previously worked on projects for Nike, The Design Museum, UNESCO, American Airlines, Sunderland University, Moxie, The Nue Co, PRESS, Cavas, Shazam & The Hoxton. With creative design studios like This Works, Accept & Proceed, Ennismore, Jotta & Kvorning

Curiosity piqued? Reach out at netta.peltola[at]