Calico is a 700-room student residence with an international audience located in the heart of Liverpool’s fabric district.

Referencing to the heritage of the location, the Calico’s graphic motif was inspired by the brickwork of the old factories, the tiles used for the new interiors, and the stitching action of a sewing machine. A colourful, abstract still life shoot and bold graphic patterns give Calico an unmistakable brand handwriting which infuses every piece of marketing material.

As part of the team at This Works, I developed the visual identity approach and notional design for hoarding, marketing, photography style and website.

Role—Graphic Designer
Client—Niveda Group

Team: Siobhan Frost, Kate Evans, Lizzie Parsons, Steph Marlow,
Michael Mason, Nick Lawrence, Mint Productions, Craig Jackson,
Maxime Bonhomme, Alex Ashcroft, James Wright

Images by ThisWorks
2019 Drum Design Award Winner