Connected Air, 
Brand Experience

Connected Air is an augmented reality exhibition for Inmarsat global launch of GX Aviation in Singapore.

Connected Air brings to life the advantages of the online connectivity in an air craft. Using augmented reality, twelve stories were brought to life in and represented in the space by a 3D printed object within a neon-lit window.

Complimenting the in-depth learning experience of Connected Air, Jotta designed a totemic installation that acted as a statement of intent to the industry. The stand was wrapped around over 550sq meters of LED panel broken into individualised pixels. At each corner extremity, two flown high-resolution screens complimented the cube creating a high-impact digital canvas for key messaging around GX Aviation.

As part of the team at Jotta Studio, I helped to develop the AR exhibition and visual design for the exterior of the stand.

Role—Art Direction/Visual Design
Agency—Jotta Studio
Client—Inmarsat, OgilvyOne
DMA Awards—Gold winner of Best B2B,
Bronze winner of Best use of Experiential
Software Development—Intergalactic
Build partner—Equinox