La Canopeé,

Administration des Bâtiments Publics Luxembourg

La Canopeé is a sculpture designed for Lyceé Michel Lucius international school in Luxembourg. It’s a centrepiece in a minimalistic interior that is flooded with natural light. The sculpture is suspended from a skylight using four steel cables. A complimentary seating area is positioned directly underneath.

The sculpture consists of coloured glass slits, held together by a structural steel frame. The surface design plays with natural light and optics, resulting in its kinetic appearance shifting from almost translucent to a bold statement of colour.

Role—Artist, Concept Design
Client—Administration des Bâtiments Publics Luxembourg
Location—Lyceé Michel Lucius Luxembourg
Fabrication and Install—Millimetre
Engineering partner—B.E.S.T Ingenieurs-Conseils
Technical Concept Design—Ben Custance, Lachlan Major
Photography—Petros Vaxevanakis, Glasshopper
Film—Petros Vaxevanakis
Thanks to—Ben James (Jotta), Sebastian Kite, Dany Wimbomont