La Canopée is a site-specific sculpture designed for Lycée Michel Lucius. Spanning three meters in diameter, the sculpture is the centrepiece of a four-storey high atrium characterised by a large skylight an panoramic views from the surrounding balconies.

The sculpture harnesses natural daylight as a medium to transform the everyday architectural space, creating a bold statement within the minimalist interior of the atrium. The striking surface relief plays and refracts natural light – while obtaining a kinetic expression and striking colour transitions. 

Client—Administration des Bâtiments Publics Luxembourg
Location—Lyceé Michel Lucius Luxembourg

Fabrication and Install—Millimetre
Engineering supervisor—B.E.S.T Ingenieurs-Conseils
Technical Concept Design—Ben Custance, Lachlan Major
Photography—Petros Vaxevanakis, Glasshopper
Film—Petros Vaxevanakis
Thanks to—Sophie Maurer, Ben Evans James, Sebastian Kite,
Dany Wimbomont, Eeva Toivonen-Wimbomont, Esa Peltola,
Julia Despouy, Clare Brooks, Damien Meyer, Petros Vaxevanakis, staff at Lyceé Michel Lucius