LATITUDE — Red Bull Collectives

LATITUDE is a site-specific installation created as part of Red Bull Studio Collectives in a public site in Hackney Wick, London. With the help of distance sensors, the installation utilises the collective movement and energy of visitors. Alternatively revealing and concealing fragments of light according to the visitor movement, the installation responds to reveal various stages of the sun position throughout the day. The collaboration brings together design, creative technologies, and material experimentation.

Key Roles: Installation Design & Concept / Concept Ideation / Project Management / Production
Client: Red Bull Collectives
Collaborator: Hortense Dutilleux
Programming: Romain Meunier
Structural Design and Fabrication: Ben Custance
Photography and Film Credits: Buster Grey-Jung / Petros Vaxevanakis

Netta Peltola — Design & Art Direction